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Don’t hesitate!

Supercharged Offers will get you results with our high-quality, data-driven direct mail services

It’s simple AND straightforward.

Stop worrying about where your next real estate deal will come from and stressing to fill your pipeline with consistent buyers and sellers. Don’t waste your time doing menial work for no payoff!

Supercharged Offers does the “hard stuff” for you. All in one place! Our team helps real estate investors ditch the frustration and focus on what counts. Basically…

We open doors so you can close deals.


Real Estate Investors VS. Supercharged Offers Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investors without support, focus on low-income tasks that can be easily outsourced, causing them to miss out on deals.

They work harder for less profit.

Supercharged Offers Real Estate Investors have time to focus on high-income tasks and closing deals!

Less work and higher reward. (Like the sound of that?)

Supercharged Offers Pipeline Builder is for every level of investor:

Don’t miss out. We only work with 10 new investors each week

Starter Real Estate Investors


You’ve done the training and now you need to take action

Intermediate Real Estate Investors


You feel like you created another job for yourself

Beginner Real Estate Investors


You don’t hesitate to send offers to get consistent deals

Advanced Real Estate Investors


You want to focus on the things that grow your business

Why Supercharged Offers is the All-in-one to GET YOU MORE DEALS

Our database gives you access to 155+ million properties across 50 States. When you send direct mail, it arrives and gets seen by the right person. Every. Single. Time.

Here are the top reasons to become a Supercharged Offers Real Estate Investor today:

Get more deals on the board to increase income.

Reduce overwhelm if you’re doing it all.

Test new markets for seasoned investors.

Avoid a failed launch if you finished your training.

Consistency because your direct mail isn’t regular.

Save resources, save money and save time.

7 Simple Steps to Launch Your Campaign In 7 Days

The Pipeline Builder Packages Work. But How?

Select Mail Type, Quantity, And Hit Purchase

Attend Your Personal Data Concierge Calls

Approve Your Data-To-Door ‘Go Live’ Assets

Repeat to Build Momentum and Increase Deal Flow

Respond To Your Success Valet Welcome Email

Liaise with your Success Valet

Monitor And Track Your Campaign

Select Mail Type, Quantity, And Hit Purchase

Respond To Your Success Valet Welcome Email

Attend Your Personal Data Concierge Calls

Liaise with your Success Valet

Approve Your Data-To-Door ‘Go Live’ Assets

Monitor And Track Your Campaign

Repeat to Build Momentum and Increase Deal Flow

It’s called our Pipeline Builder All-In-One Package

Because you get everything in one package.

All the information you need to build confidence with your real estate investing strategy. Emphasis on the “All.”

Value:$ 2,597

Hassle Free Done and Delivered Direct Mail

Direct Mail is really a commodity, however, at the end of the day it's not the price of the “stamp” that matters, it's all the effort around getting the right message to the right person at the right time. You can start with as little as 1,000 direct mail pieces. However, a good rule of thumb is that you should aim for a minimum of 2,000 direct mail pieces per month, as it will give your business enough exposure in an area where competition can be fierce.

Hotter Than Your Prom Date Direct Mail Marketing Designs

Our design team will help you create a hot direct mail piece for your cause. Get designs done for full color or black and white, branded high-quality letters or postcards. Your postcards/letters design will present you as a TOP professional in your market and niche.



Secret Society Direct Mail Suite to Improve Your Odds

You don't need to repeat direct mail marketing mistakes someone else made earlier. We've sent over 1,345,864 million pieces of direct mail, so you get access to our suite-of best performing Letters & Postcards today which gives you a better chance at success with your business or campaign - no matter how seasoned you are

All You Need Is Radio Goo Goo, Radio Data

Our rockstar multi-sourced and comprehensive data gives you access to more than 155+ million properties in our cloud-based platform across all 50 States and 3,060 Counties US-wide. You will discover deals without having to sign up for an expensive monthly subscription which will give you data for 99% of the US population, including 130m+ Residential Properties, 23m+ Vacant Lots, 17m+ Commercial Properties, PLUS 65m+ B2B Records.



Convenient Data Concierge To Crunch Numbers On Command

You don't have time for data? You're always hustling, but your data isn’t moving fast enough. Every minute you spend on something other than growing revenue is a missed opportunity. Let us handle all your data requirements so that you can focus solely on what's important- growing your business from one day to the next. We turn raw data into actionable information for your business. Our rigorous Extract Transform and Load (ETL) data program involves more than 75+ steps to validate, standardize, and enhance the real estate data we provide for you.

Insiders Recent Sales System To Make Smarter Decisions

By having exclusive access to our recent sales you will be able to avoid costly mistakes worth thousands of dollars and on the other hand, you’ll gain a competitive advantage because your competition doesn’t know what you’re about to discover in this list! There were 9 million + in properties sold over the last 12 months, including 1.5 million land transactions. We will give you the last 12 months of recent sales in your area so you can run comps and do due diligence with ease. This means, there is great data that can be leveraged to make even better decisions



Boost Your Business Cash Buyers List

What if you could know the names of every buyer who has bought more than 2 properties in your target market within the last 18 months? We'll give you access to insights on these buyers so that you can see what people are doing in your real estate asset class and what they are buying, which will allow you to keep your focus always on the right things and actions! Cash Buyer Marketing Campaigns is our secret sauce. This is another huge competitive advantage!

Stop Procrastination Personal Success Valet

Your Personal Success Valet is here to get you up and running with a successful direct mail campaign in just 7 days. They'll answer all of your questions, manage the project for you so that it runs smoothly without any hiccups or problems along the way! No more procrastination - this team will be seeking action from day one as they arrange calls with your Data Concierge, liaise with designers and copywriters who can help create beautiful marketing materials. They are your go-to person.



Done and Delivered Mail Tracking Dashboard

What if you had daily visibility on all direct mail campaigns and could pivot quickly? Marketing only works… if you can see it working! We know business owners who send things out and ‘hope and pray’ it gets to the right people. We fix this by giving you a campaign dashboard to see ALL your direct mail marketing investment results. Importantly, you can see if something isn’t working and fix it. Intel is everything!

Direct Access To Our Slack Data-To-Door Direct Mail Workspace

Supercharged Offers customers get access to our data-to-door exclusive Slack group. Learn from and connect with other seasoned real estate investors and champions who use direct mail marketing successfully, to improve your business and direct marketing results. Get real-time support and feedback on strategies and tactics as you use them. Ask questions is a safe space where you can imitate others’ experiences to remove trial and error to save you time and effort. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

Value:Hard to Explain

Now The Big Question - What’s All That Going To Cost?

Your Price: $2,597

This isn’t “Internet Marketer” maths. We didn’t fudge the numbers so that we could “discount” an overinflated offer. (Take a look at our value citations above).

Actual Value: $7,976+

We believe in getting you the most bang for your buck. And that’s a pretty massive bang for not that many bucks!

P.S.: Remember! No contract, no long-term commitments. But keep in mind, the best results are those that remain consistent in their direct mail marketing. No contracts mean flexibility for you and for us! So if either of us gets cold feet at any point, we’ll shoot off a “let’s just be friends” message and send things back to the friend zone.

P.P.S.: If you don’t want to wait, act now. We only work with 10 new investors each week and all spots can fill out within days! We’re in high demand for a reason!

Purchase With 100% Confidence and No Risk!

Done And Delivered Mail For Free Guarantee

You Deserve To Have The Cleanest And Most Organized Data So You Can Enjoy A 95%+ Mail Delivery Rate. Otherwise, We Will Mail The Difference For Free!

Take it from the happy customers that work with us!

Supercharged Offers was like rocket fuel for my business. Having someone take care of my website, and outbound marketing allowed me to focus on acquisitions right away.

Ross Krings
Open Land Company

We have been using SCO to send direct mail to potential land owners for our land investment business, and we have been extremely impressed with their services. The team at SCO is highly professional, responsive, and provides excellent support.
Overall, we highly recommend SCO to anyone looking for a reliable and professional company to handle their direct mail needs. They have been a valuable asset to our business and we look forward to continuing and growing our work with them. 

Hadas & Idan 
EA Lands

The call recording feature from SuperCharged is so important. I was downloading call recordings from the SCO dashboard to my GoogleDrive and then sharing the link so that my VA's could listen to them prior to calling back sellers. Over the last week of incoming calls answered by my regrettable poor live call answering service have been overwhelmingly horrible. I am thankful that I was able to listen to the incoming calls through the SuperCharged platform, otherwise I wouldn't have known how bad some of the calls really were. Your service enabled me to catch this quickly, pivot to a new service and have the evidence to help turn things around!

Chua Tang 
Win-Win Land Deals

From day 1 I could tell Alicia and her Supercharged team meant serious business. From making sure we hit our goals and deadlines to sharing strategies based on massive amounts of experience in land investing & marketing, there isn’t a part of our business they haven’t had a positive impact on. Whenever I speak to Alicia my own “BS” meter kicks in like never before & I stop buying into my old excuses for why I’m not achieving what I think of as success. Being in the same room (or zoom) with her really puts you in check and brings out accountability like never before. She’s not only changed our business but my mindset has never been better. She’s exactly the type of person you’ll need when going through the beginning steps of being an REI. Her and her team are one of the best cheerleaders you’ll have for celebrating all the small wins. Oh yeah, they do a really great job with data and marketing too! Thank you and forever grateful to have met the Supercharged Team!

Jeff Phillips
Land Solutions Company

Supercharged Offers is the real deal! Never have I had a direct mail company care so much about me and my team! I cannot say enough positive things honestly! This is THE company you want to work with.

Jaren Barnes 
Land Mavericks

It has been amazing working with you for one, the simplicity. That's because I need something simple and you guys make it so simple to get everything done. I would've never been able to build a magnificent website like I have right now. SCO team is simple and easy to work with. I'm just really grateful for you and it's just working out tremendously. You give us ideas with the business and just how to keep things organized. I'm a very analytical and organized person so, even for people who aren't as structured, SCO will walk you through that and assist you with your system. We're three weeks in and we've had over like 56 offer requests so far. That's gotta be two under contract already and we still have like 40 some offers to get out, so they just keep filling up. Thank you!

Laurie Halter & Danielle McCarter
J & L RE Solutions LLC

I've used supercharged offers to build the foundation of my online presence. Their team is professional, courteous and quick to respond to any inputs or adjustments that need to be made. My site has never looked better and the engagement in my social media made drastic improvements during the duration of their time helping with my pages.

Christopher Nimmins 
Khorin Group

Alicia and her team are always so helpful, and provide responses to questions in a timely manner. If you are looking for a way to super charge your business, Alicia and her team are the best in the business, and will be by your side the entire way!

Samantha Gudger
Rapid Cash Land

Yes! I’m Ready For A Consistent Flow Of Deals! Launch My Pipeline Builder Campaign In 7 Days.

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Actual Value: $7,976+

This isn’t “Internet Marketer” maths. We didn’t fudge the numbers so that we could “discount” an overinflated offer. (Take a look at our value citations above).

Your Price: $2,597

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